Yun-Ji (윤지)
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter 2
Occupation High School Student
In-Game Job N/A
Family Unknown
Weapon N/A

Yun-Ji is a classmate of Jang-Gun and Seung-Mi. She seems to harbor a crush on Jang-Gun, unaware of his net addiction. 


Yun-Ji is an average schoolgirl. She is not very interested in internet activities outside of chatting. She seems to be interested in boys in general and is implied to have a small crush on Jang-Gun.



Black Werewolf Bug Edit

Yun-Ji greeting Jang-Gun

Yun-Ji greeting Jang-Gun.

Yun-Ji and her friend, Seung-Mi, board the train talking, causing Jang-Gun to secretly switch to his honor student personality. Turns out they are on so early because they are on classroom duty. Yun-Ji is impressed with his ethic and how he's not a net addict like the others, though wishes they could chat online too, straying into another conversation with Seung-Mi. Jang-Gun, internally, is annoyed that she equates chatting to being online, only seeing it as a means to hook up, though she doesn't notice this.

Yun-Ji enters the classroom and greets Woon-Suk and Jang-Gun as

Yun-Ji trying to woo Jang-Gun

Yun-Ji trying to get Jang-Gun to go with her to fill the kettle.

Jang-Gun quickly switches from a game site to his study site. Yun-Ji looks over his screen and commends him for preparing for today's lesson, though Woon-Suk missed this change. Jang-Gun asks what she wants and Yun-Ji asks Jang-Gun to help her carry the water kettle for her when it gets heavy when it's full, blushing. Jang-Gun politely refuses with the excuse that he's busy and Gwon-Su quickly stands up. Yun-Ji nervously greets him and Gwon-Su returns his greeting, calling her "Cute Yun-Ji." Thinking he's acting like a shounen hero, he offers to carry the kettle for her, dragging an objecting Yun-Ji along the way, preferring to carry it herself instead.

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