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Whan is a swordmaster. Quiet and intelligent, he was able to overcome all who dared stand in his way until he was ranked 4th in the Dragonlands.


Whan is a complex character. While obviously ruthless and smart as is befitting of many powerful Player Killers. Whan is not bloodthristy and though he may come off as cold and uncaring he has a soft side as seen when he trained Row after the loss of his eyesight. Though he resides in the dragonlands he hates the system of classification that was set up in the Dragonlands by Il-ban.He may have a competive side as he was known to have had a rivalry with Phuan in the past often ending with him standing above her, winning over thirty consecutive showdowns.


He first appears in a chat with other Dragonland players. He later appears and attacks Jijon's group. during the Jaeha massacre, he aided Delta in his fight against Jaeha, but later was wounded and disconnected by Delta (Alpha). During the Last Saga Arc he trains Row to fight while blind, and he is later defeated by Slayan in a one on one duel.

Auction TournamentEdit

He encounters Ai-Lotto in the tournament and by accident gives the correct password. As a result they still duel with Lotto winning through trickery. He is still a part of the tournament due to his participation is solely to fight and not to win.


Whan is a swordmaster and as such most likely has access to their skills.

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