Spells are used by multiple players in the game, they add new dimensions to the game from offensive attacks, defensive blocking, and healing wounds.


Fireball- a basic fire spell that lauches a ball of fire at a target.

Firewall- Creates a wall of fire either between or at a target.

Firesteps- ever step the user takes leaves a flaming after-trail.

Meteo- powerful spell that rains down a hail of flaming meteors


Sandstorm- kicks up sand to obscure vision

Earthquake- powerful spell that reshapes the ground


Lightning bolt- fires a bolt of electricity at a target

Electroshocker- shocks a target with electricity, can only work when in physical contactadn damages user if not properly grounded.


Icewall- crastes a wall of ice

Freeze- freezes target

ice javalin lanches spears of ice


Sylpheed- Wind Summon

Levitation- Allows the user to float.


Holy- an offensive Holy spell.

Sacrifice- Caster dies in order to revive another player, at the cost of their life force and the chance of sucess is based solely on the casters level. This spell costs no mana but all of the user's health and stats and levels are randomised.

Cure- high level healing spell

Heal- basic level healing spell

Holy Cross- impenatrable shield that can be bypassed with a reflect shot.

Buffs. Lots of differant spells that raise a characters stats.

Haste- A spesific buff that signifficantly raises the speed of a character.

Poison mist- creates a virulent poison that damages target if inhaled.

Support SpellsEdit

Charm- a kind of mind control works on weak-minded monsters

Confuse- Turns allies against each other

Beserk- removes limitations but also is easily countered by a skilled opponent.

Dark MagicEdit

Demonflames- More powerful flames. Only usable by demons and masterlevel mages with infamy.

Dark Wings- User flies using demonic wings generated with demonic power

Dark Lightning- More powerful ligthing. Only usable by demons and masterlevel mages with infamy.

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