Son Hee-Joon (손희준) is a writer and illustrator of various manhwas, some of which are listed here. He is the writer of Yureka, on which he works alongside Kim Youn Kyung. He was born in South Korea on September 15, 1976.


Yureka is arguably Son's most notable work, and is certainly his most well-known internationally. It also happens to be the subject of this wiki, so for more information just take a look around.

Other TitlesEdit

Dorothy of Oz (2006)Edit

Position: Author and artist Dorothy of Oz (도로시, Dorosi) is a take on the original Oz stories such as The Wizard of Oz. It is licensed for English audiences by Udon Entertainment and was partially translated up to volume four. It was originally published by Haksan. It is completed in its native country at five volumes in length. On his Naver blog, however, there have been signs of the story's continuation, as cover art has been drawn up to chapter 60... the last of which was chapter 40 in volume five (which also stated that the story would continue in a sixth volume, but has yet to see any confirmed publications).

PhD: Phantasy Degree (2001)Edit

Position: Writer and artist PhD (마스터스쿨 올림프스, 올림프스, Master School of Olympus), is a story of a school for the supernatural. Originally published by Daiwon, it stands at ten volumes and is on hiatus. All of the existing material has been translated to English by TokyoPop, who holds the English license of this work alongside that of Yureka.

Evil EyeEdit

Position: Scriptwriter

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