Remy is a high leveled warrior that is ranked #7 in the Dragonland rankings. She is married to Kazbar. She is #1 in terms of strength. She takes on Olios when her group encounters Aradon's, they fight to a standstill. After exhausting her weapons she borrows a knife from Olios. She is later defeated by Slayan.


A vain and somewhat playful woman. She had used her husband's money to get her scanned as a young girl with enhancements. Remy seemed to be interested in gathering the keys though it is unlikely she has a large amount of items she might be collecting them for fun. Remy tends to want to avoid being asssociated with her husband online, so she can flaunt her beauty.


Remy is a warrior, and so it is likely has a warrior's moveset. Thus far, however, the only warrior trait she has displayed is brute strength.

  • Strength: Remy has put many of her skill points into her strength stat, and is one of the strongest players in terms of brute strength. Her high strength allows her to utilize heavy weapons and armor.


  • Battleaxe: She weilds a battle axe that she uses to cutdown her enemies.
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