Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter 3
Occupation Unknown
In-Game Job Shopkeeper (NPC)
Family None
Weapon None
Piri is an NPC shopkeeper in Normal City. She is possibly controlled by a human. Lotto has a crush on her, but she herself is in love with Aradon.

After the beta she was devastated when people who had played in it greeted her as if they knew her, and she only had faint memories of it.

After the Last Saga Arc she has an emotional breakdown and withdrew from her shop, due to her having conflicting memories. She is a doppelganger of a comatose person held in a secret facility.

Personality Edit

Piri is a kind-hearted young woman. She is friendly with Lotto, unaware of his crush on her, and treats her friends with equal respect and kindness.

History Edit


Arriving in Normal Town Edit

Piri is first seen re-adjusting her sign of her humble shop. She looks over her shoulder and notices Lotto, welcoming him. She tells him to wait a minute as she fixes the sign. Lotto tells her to take her time and there's no rush. She is unaware of Boromir attempting to peep under her skirt and wonders what she heard. Lotto says it's nothing so she can continue what she's doing.

As the shop re-opens, she asks Adol if they waited long and if there's anything else they are looking for. As Boromir and Lotto fight in the background, Adol asks if she has any Mandragora Extract. She awkwardly answers her store doesn't stock such high-prices items and starts to suggest they should go to another store. Lotto quickly objects asking her to give him 500 Herbs. She asks if he already used the 500 herbs she sold him yesterday. Lotto makes the excuse of doing a lot of hunting while covering Adol's mouth, making him not able to breathe. Lotto and Piri complete the transaction, not noticing Adol and Boromir getting beat up. Boromir approaches Piri, shoving Lotto aside, and asks he to appraise the Black Werewolf tooth he picked up, believing it should be worth more than the teeth dropped by regular werewolves. However, because the item is not registered in the database or in the catalog, she doesn't recognize it and can't put a price on it. Boromir is disappointed, thinking it's just a rare item, but Myuria, appearing out of nowhere, explains that it will be worth 500 Gold once the new servers open up. Boromir gratefully thanks her and she returns the politeness, as Lotto and Adol increase their distance. As Myuria and Triple Threat argue about what they did to offend Myuria so bad, Myuria states it's something she doesn't want to remember, but that she'll tell them anyway. However, she asks Piri what it was, even though Piri doesn't know anything, indirectly confessing she forgot as well.

Meeting Dark Aradon Edit

For days, Lotto and the team have been visiting Piri's shop, enjoying the visits. She quickly cuts the conversation, happily greeting Aradon when he arrives. Piri notes it's been a long time and ask where he's been. Aradon answers it wasn't far and that it was just into the mountain range and back. Piri is relieved since she was worried he wasn't visiting anymore since he was gone so long. Aradon laughs it off, sympathizing with her. He then hands some items for her to appraise. Piri is impressed by the amount he collected. She continues to appraise concluding they are all a lot of high value items. Aradon tells her to pay what she thinks is appropriate. Throughout the conversation, Lotto tries to confront Aradon for butting into their conversation and tries to get Piri to talk to him again, both not paying any attention to him.

A little later, after everyone leaves, Boromir and Adol asks where Aradon left. She reveals his name, asking if that's who they meant. As Boromir looks around, Piri asks if they have business with him. Adol returns the question asking her if he comes by often. She responds that he comes by to sell items from time to time. Adol then asks what he usually brings. Piri recounts that besides natural items or loot obtained from hunting, he also sells player possessions and equipment. Worried, Piri then asks what this is about and if there's something they're not telling her. Boromir starts to answer, but is violently cut off by Adol. Adol tries to assure her, but Piri is still doubtful. Unaware of the true reason, Boromir lies by telling her he heard Aradon was a nice guy and wanted to meet him. Adol asks again where he might be. Piri answers that he was looking for a quiet and good place to hunt and she told him a good location. Boromir and Adol are aware of the location and quickly decide to hurry. She tries to get them to wait, but Boromir simply puts on his shoujo smile and says she doesn't need to see them off. She looks on, worried and anxious as she lights places a palm over her heart.


Hunting at Terror Tower Edit

Piri is greeted by Adol and Boromir asking if he stopped, but she tells him he hasn't. Adol asks Boromir if they should call him, but Boromir rejects it believing Lotto will come to them when the time comes. Piri compliments on their close friendship, though Boromir retorts that it's more of an evil destiny. A mysterious girl greets them, though none of them recognize her. At first, he assumes they were mad because he was late, but Piri confirms they never met before, calling him "miss." Asking if even Piri thinks he looks like a chick. Adol states it's not like one, but rather she is one. Boromir follows up if she wasn't, she wouldn't have those hanging off her, clearly referring to her breasts. He looks down and sees he really does have breasts, shocked and asking what they are absent-mindedly. Adol wonders if she may be crazy asking her if she really doesn't know. Still processing everything, Adol wonders if he met before while Boromir asks Adol to introduce her to him if he did. Lotto asks Piri for a mirror quick and looks into the reflection. He sees that he looks exactly like the girl he met, dropping and breaking the mirror. Piri asks for 50 Gold pieces for the mirror. Adol notices she speaks like Lotto but Boromir is worried Adol thinks she might be Jang-Mi, wondering if her body developed quicker than possible. She then states she confused them for someone else. Adol repeats her statement in confusion, though Boromir accepts it as is. Piri wonders how she knew her name if that was the case. Though when they look back, they see she disappeared.

After waiting a little longer Adol decides he's not going to show up and they decide to go by themselves. Piri asks them what she should relay to Lotto if he shows up. Boromir answers "Betrayal results in Death!" while blowing on his finger like a gun barrel.

Meeting Basara Edit

Adol, Boromir, and Yureka all return to Piri's shop after hunting at Terror Tower putting a Titan Ogre Scimitar on her counter, to her surprise. Exhausted from the ordeal, Boromir asks her to value the sword. Adol is relieved they're alive and Boromir confidently states that if the other guy survived, so could they. Adol also thanks Yureka for her help, to which he nervously reciprocates, glad that he could help. Mentally, he also notes that Yureka's abilities are far greater than he imagined. Piri then informs Adol she can't buy it. Adol asks if it's not worth anything. Piri responds that's not the problem, but Boromir interrupts saying he expected this since the other guy threw it away because it was useless. Piri insists they listen to the end and continues saying that it's so expensive, she doesn't have the money to buy it. They asks how much it cost. She answers approximately 700,000 Gold, surprising Boromir and Yureka, and that she wouldn't have that money even if she sold all the items in her shop. She adds that there are not many shops in Normal City that can buy it. She advises that if they sell it on auction, they can easily sell it for 1 million. Adol asks if it's that expensive an item, prompting Piri to pull out a book to check. She reads that the Titan Ogre Scimitar is a rare item and that it's an elite weapon that doesn't wear even after 6 months of use. Adol is surprised while Boromir and Yureka are in awe with greed. Boromir is amazed it's so great a weapon but also wonders how much Basara's sword costs. Boromir thinks about it and believes he only reached the final boss because of his incredible weapon. Yureka is ashamed he doesn't have an analytical mind. He then states that he thought about it a bit and everything is clear, saying Basara is thought to be the strongest player in Lost Saga. Adol and Boromir look at Yureka as he thinks to himself that he heard about him how he was seen exiting high level dungeons.

Boromir and Adol look at Yureka suspiciously, He asks why they are looking at him like that. Adol answers it's because something is strange and blankly asks if Yureka is really a beginner, causing Yureka to panic. Boromir agrees saying that for a beginner, she knows way too many things and Adol adds that her abilities are curiously high. Yureka, feeling like a criminal caught by the police, is worried he might be caught. Yureka starts to explain, but distracts everyone by using an oncoming Row to act like Aradon is approaching. Piri loses all focus excitedly looking around for where Aradorn is.

As Row advertises looking for a new female companion, Piri decides to close the shop, sad that Aradorn didn't show up.

Meeting Yureka Edit

The next day, she is visited again by Adol and Boromir. She greets Lotto when he arrives. She is confused why Adol and Boromir are apprehensive about Lotto's suggestion on going to Terror Tower.

Relationships Edit

Lotto Edit

Lotto is a frequent customer of Piri's. Lotto has a crush on her, although she is completely unaware of it, seeing him as a friend and valued customer.

Adol Edit

Adol and Piri don't interact much, but has shown to be very polite and courteous to her.

Boromir Edit

Although Boromir tried to peep up her skirt without her knowledge, he has shown to be kind to her, albeit a bit blunt.

Dark Aradon Edit

Another valued customer and friend of Piri's. She is secretly in love with him, although he has shown no romantic interest in her.

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