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A Dragonlands swordswoman who originally had a rivalry with Whan and lost sixteen times to him, she carries a special double spear. She originally partners up with Seidius.

She is ranked number five in the Dragonlands. After leaving the dragonlands, she partners up with Jijon Jang, and unknowingly Basara. Later when they are on the great mountain she fights against Lotto and is defeated instantly.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hotblooded and vicious, Phuan is merciless and strong: traits common in the dragonlands. She is playful and teasing easily making allies but also easily breaking them. She holds a grudge aganist Jaeha as she was almost killed by this hacker. She has a crush on Whan, where as Seidius is hinted to be fond of her more than as a partner. She seems to get along with Jijonjjang fairly well, as it was stated that she pays for part of his game fees.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

It was commented on the author's blog and a recent omake that she is his second favorite character, and is "his type". The reason her hair changed from red to blond was because he likes girls with dark skin and pale hair. She is modeled after his own Mabinogi character (female).

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