A archer who also plays Force Recon. Though he has high strength and low dexterity, due to his usage of manual mode, his accuracy is extremely high. (He has extremely good eye sight). He launches spears from a ballisti-like bow. In the demon invasion arc he show Lotto and Aradon where Basara's passage to Demon Isle is and he stalls Cube in order to let Lotto and the others see the core. He later joins up with Aradon and Hata to hunt keys.He attends the same highschool as Aradon and apparently frequently meets up with him outside of LS. He also works like hard at Alpha's netroom as a part time job for roughly 5.50 dollars an hour. When hunting for keys he goes up against Remy, who he fights to a complete stalemate, and later lends her a knife to fight against Slayan.


Olios' personality is quite playful and manipulative always looking for an angle thast would allow him to gain the most loot and EXP. He seems to play other games on the net than Lost Saga. Olios is also a player of Force Recon, which is where he met Lotto, and is apparently the only person ever to get a clean head shot on him.


As an Archer he has enormus strength and incredbly good aim and eye sight to weild the bow and the large spearlike arrows. He also has two smaller crossbows that are attached to his arms.

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