Neogia (Ijoyen)
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Debut Chapter 59
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A former member of the four devas, Neogia possesses an ability to predict opponents' moves before they make them. He encountered Il-ban's group during the demon invasion arc, and fought against Ah-dol, then Il-ban. After the sealing of End Demon, he was reincarnated and became lord of the land of dragons under the name of Aiosen. He is a product of Jaeha's software and based on parts of her personality. He is also is one of many of Jaeha's personalities.


Neogia is a reserved fighter who changed after meeting Ah-dol. He originally didn't think about his own actions. Neogia just followed orders, when he is reborn in the dragonlands he becomes more accommodating and listens to those around him accepting Whan's request to destroy the classification system.


He was first introduced in the Demon Invasion Arc as the warrior-type demon deva. He encounters the second group and faces off against Ah-dol, Boromir and Il-ban. He initially goes one on one with Ah-dol and has the upperhand due to his prediction software, but he later is stalled by Il-ban by when he was hit by Hell's Kryss and then stalled by an Il-ban who powered up using Hell's Kryss.


  • Prediction: ability to sense the opponents' movements before they make them.
  • Close-Combat Ability: Neogia is a capable hand to hand fighter.
  • Agility: Shown impressive abilites in dodging.
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