Vital statistics
Age 16
Debut Chapter 7
Occupation High School Student
In-Game Job Mage
Family Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Moebius is 2nd year High Schooler and a self-proclaimed "Master Magician," though it's unknown if he's actually Master class or just boastful. He is known around school as being pretty good at his class. Despite his claim, he is defeated by The Lovely Angels in one hit.

Personality Edit

Moebius is a very proud player and tends to look down on those who need help. While he charges for his services, he is not above lowering his prices in order to get the chance to show off. While he's not a bad guy, his ego tends to annoy those around him.

He loves playing Lost Saga because it allows him to have long hair, unlike the school's rules, showing he has a lot of vanity in his appearance

History Edit

Moebius is first approached by Jang-Gun and Woon-Suk on the school roof asking him to help them remove a trap barrier. Moebius boasts that there's nothing hard about it and that it's a pro's duty to help out newbies, clearly unaware who they are as well as their disgust with him. He initially asks for no more than 200 Gold, seeing it as being generous to newbies. Woon-Suk and Jang-Gun decide to find someone else, causing him to lower his price to 150 Gold and then 100 Gold, in desperation.

In the game, Moebius relishes the fact that unlike school, he can grow his hair in the net as long as it is now. Laughing arrogantly, he announces his presence only to be swiftly defeated by The Lovely Angels, Julie and K.C. Moebius, defeated, didn't know there would be guards

Abilities Edit

  • Barrier Removal

Gallery Edit


Moebius's real face.

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