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Another member of Jijon 's party, she is a low-level healer with an abnormally high critical hit ratio. In reality she is actually still biological male and just hacked her character's appearance to suit a girl. She befriended Jaeha after she remarked on how impressive her hacking skills were. After that Mirenne wanted to become Jaeha's sister.

In the Dragonlands Arc she played the role of Jaeha's spy on the team, waiting for the opportunity to serve Jijon Jang to Jaeha. Later she is seen defending the East Gate of Luciferia from Tablen, and she defeats him by landing multiple critical hits.

She later aids Jang-Gun in his dealings with Myung-Gun to secure the release of Elca. Though she remains clueless of Lottos entire plan.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

A rather weak player. She is a cleric/warrior that specialized in hitting critical hits in succession. She holds a deep attachment to Jaeha calling her sister.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

He is the artist, Kim Youn Kyung's, favorite character to draw. In fact, the artist even stated in volume 35 that she wishes for all ugly characters likeIlban to die so that she could draw pretty girls like Mirenne all the time.

Mirenne is a Transgendered Female, who still however remains biologically male. Her hacking of her own character gives her a complete feminine appearance while in game, which is eventually improved upon after her situation was discovered. This is at the same time as she is recommended to grow out her hair in reality to better match online. While she has strongly admitted that she is indeed female, she also insists that her interests are towards other girls.

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