Lotto (AI)
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Vital statistics
Age 0
Debut Chapter Chapter 196
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Recently a new character has appeared under the name of Lotto, an AI created with Jaeha 's software using Jang-Gun as the basis. The AI believes himself to the be real Lotto, and Jang-Gun has begun to feel like it isn't even his name anymore. He holds a deep affection for Yureka, just like the original. This new Lotto is taller than Jang-Gun due to Mirenne's manipulation, to the great annoyance of Jang-Gun. This doesn't stop Jang-Gun from logging onto the Net using this character's appearance much the same way he used Yureka's, and the slight difference in appearance adds to Jang-Gun's already different persona when online, giving him an advantage in manipulating his opponents and concealing his identity. Jang-Gun initially intended to name the AI "General" (the English translation of "Jang-Gun"), but the AI defied expectation by retaining some of Jang-Gun's memories, resulting in his use of one of Jang-Gun's identities. Jang-Gun instead uses the name when dealing with his double.

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