King Kast
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter Chapter 62
Occupation A.I
In-Game Job Demon King
Family -
Weapon -
Demon king, with the End Demon as a mana source he is nearly invincible, due to infinite regeneration.

When he faces off with Aradon and Olios, He is able to fight Aradon to a standstill while Olios believes that Kast has a weak point and eventually suspects it to be his private parts firing multiple spears at him in an attempt to defeat him.

He is later confronted by both Aradon and Lotto along with Boromir and Ah-dol, they unfortunately fail. When the End Demon is released he orders his remaining suboordinates to aid the humans against it. Once the End Demon leaves Basara shows up and cuts him to pieces despite regeneration and throws his head into the ocean.


  • His weakness is not on the crotch
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