Rapha's assassin guardian, he is fiercely loyal and even defeated the Dragon Matria after Rapha sacrificed herself to revive him. He is usually buffed out by Rapha and fights in her place. When fully buffed out, his powers rival those of an S-class monster. He is also capable of interacting with Rapha in the real world as here personal electronic assistant.


Strong and silent, John is the ideal Guardian. He is fiercely protective of his mistress and would be very willing to die for her. He has shown definite maverick behaviour for an NPC in replicating human emotions.


Vital statistics
Age 0
Debut Chapter Chapter 15
Occupation Guardian
In-Game Job Assasin
Family None
Weapon Claw and Dagger

A Guardian with a level of 94, John is capable of going against even masterlevel opponents and winning.

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