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Another Dragonlands player ranked 3rd in the classifications system. Jigo held Ilban in high esteem, and after challenging Aizoen and beeing defeated he accepted him as the new lord of the dragonlands. However, he was judged to be lower in ability to Whan by Aizoen. He fights against Triple-Threat, one on one after seeing them kill Row after he is defeated by Jigo. He later joins up with Remy and her husband and fights against Aradon's group. Their fight is interupted by Ban.


A ferocious player. He is a merciless enemy to all and have been seen being very opinonated to many people. Nonetheless he is very honourable and is able to express acknowledgment to particularly strong opponents. Jigo either dislike for other people or himself to take down the foe whoever already exhausted, He also never hurt or kill woman and children by render their ability to fight. 


As the no 3 in term of rank, jugo ability should not be underestimated. He even hold 23 Million G Bounty, as the highest shown in the series.

Class : Edit

Primary  :  Warrior

Known Moves

  • Iron Body: Resistent to magical attacks
  • Stone Body: Resistent to physical attacks
  • Yama?- Allows for him to simultaneously use stone and iron body which double his attack and defense with a subsequent penalty and some time limit.
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