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A master necromancer and master priest, able to do feats unknown by everyone else and he goes by anti priest. He used to be the strongest player of the dragonlands and made the ranking system. He carries the master-class weapon Hell's Kryss which makes those hit invincible, by maxing out their stats, and decreases their health at a rate of 1 health point per second. He used this technique on his friend Kapri who defeated the deva version of Muria, and on himself and Neogia. He is capable of seeing, speaking to and touching the dead spirits of players and he can even transform them into phantom beasts. Asumed to work for Mega Entertainment.


Il-Ban was one of the first ten masterclass players and was known as the Anti-priest, he is also the former ruler of the Dragonlands. It was in the dragonlands he encountered Alpha where he shared a meal and gave Alpha the title Ranger. He makes his first appeance in the Doubles Tournament, as an observer, he transforms Rapha into a phantom which causes John to inadvertantly attack her.


See Dead

Talk to Dead

touch Dead

Charm- Ability to control the mind