Hata the Hunting Dog
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Age 15-17 (high school age)
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A speed hack player who pursues Jijon Jang. He attacks Jijon's group, but is fended off by Jang-Gun (playing as Lotto). He encounters Olios while tracking him. Hata later joins up with Aradon and Olios to collect keys. He is defeated, but ends up saving Aradon and Olios from the flood. In his fight against Kazbar, he loses due to Kazbar's ability to track him using animals.


A powerful and skilled player. He is knowledgable and seem to be rather blood thirsty however he seems to be sensititive as he left Aradon, since he felt inferior to Aradon and his abilities. He is shown to be very prideful and takes every loss to heart.


He first appeared tracking Jijon Jang and facing off against Daia of the Three Black Stars. He is shown tracking Jijon Jang until they disappear into the fire ant's lair and he pairs up with Olios to find them. He is later logged out during the Jaeha massacre, and makes a reappearance when meeting Olios outside of the gaming shop. He later reappears in the Last Saga in a team with Aradon and Olios. They begin collecting keys and Hata tries to compete with Aradon only to find it a futile venture, being horribley outclassed.


A skilled and high leveled player he seemes to be playing as an Assasin class who utilizes a speed hack

  • Speed Hack: A hack in the game that gives him a massive speed boost.


Twin Knives: Two knives with incredble cutting power.

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