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Elca is one of the top three killers on the net. She is a hacker, and took Jaeha under her wing when the girl approached her to join the business as part of her revenge. Elca's moods and actions are erratic, her motives at times unclear. She seems to have the best interests of Jaeha in mind, not wishing the girl to become a killer until she is truly ready for it.

She reached her position as a killer through the use of a terrifying program she developed, which converts the user's sensations of pain into ones of pleasure, allowing physical harm happening to her on the net to act like a drug rather than phasing her and eventually resulting in a madness she cannot control. This makes her a formidable opponent. She is not as talented a programmer as Jaeha, but far exceeds her in experience.

She was involved with members of Dexon, and had decided to turn herself in after her partner was harmed but is instead being used as a bargaining chip by Dexon. She trusts her assistant Mirenne, and through Mirenne, Elca has bequeathed Jeaha's definitive program to Jang Gun.

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