Originally a place for PKers ro reset their muderrer count so they can be a normal player, but later after some time passed a lot of PKers gathered and this become an outlaw place as well as the heaven for the PKers. Most of the PKers in this place have a higher ability than most of average PKers in other place for the example the entrance guard PKers ability are very high.Each of them is put on a bounty for their head for some bounty hunter to take down, Even the bounty of PKers in here is so much different from other places. Dragonlands was put under a ranking system by Ilban, in order to put peace and order, one of the rules is only lower ranker can challenge a higher ranker. However, after he left, Neogia took over as number one, and later was revealed by Whan that Ilban only made the ranking system in order for him to observe all the player's tactics and abilities.

After the Jaeha arc, Dragonlands dissolved into mayhem and became virtually empty.

There is also a small camp located within that shows the current rankings and allows players to rest.

It is home to monsters like the crimson ants. It was also implied that dragons used to inhabit the place, as dragon bones can be found.

Alpha was mentioned to have visited the place over a year before the Jaeha arc, it was there he encountered Il-ban and was named Ranger, It was abandoned during the Last Saga event

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