Demon guy
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One of the devas for the demon invasion arc. It appears as if his persona is the same as the centaur in terror tower and he suffers from a identity crisis. After being defeated he again meets Lotto and Yureka in the demon castle, and Lotto confuses him by saying he is the reincarnation of a friend who died in a car accident, from America, briefly earning him the title "America" until he meets up with King Kast and Lotto reveals that he was just using him to find the kingn then goes on a rampage and engages in combat with Olios. Though he feels betrayed, both he and Neogia feels Lotto opened their eyes. He is finally killed by the End Demon. As he dies he imparts a last bit of wisdom upon Neogia.


Originally he was a centaur in Terror Tower being a highly leveled boss and he is defeated by Lotto and Yureka in passing while they were arguing with each other.

He appears again during the tournament to win Excalibur. He takes on the role of the deva.

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