A rarely used class consisting of people who use poisons, and chemicals to confuse and attack their enemies. The only use seen was poison identification, and illusion cloning.


Players who are able to use ranged wepons, mostly Bows and Arrows, to deadly effect.

Master-class items:

Net- capable of immobilizing a character


The Assassin is a class who in terms of speed is even faster than a thief and who specialises in the use of Claw like weapons.

Beast MasterEdit

capable of controlling monsters and taming them.


A unique class that allows for free-development of stats.


Capable of casting offensive spells.

MC items:

Staff of Sages- capable of stacking six spells on top of each other.

Sword of Harmony- Sword with six element. The Sword's element can be used according to the user's level.


Anti-Priest is a class made by Ilban who combined the Priest and Necromancer class together the class is able to not only Heal and Revive players but also to creat undead creatures, the Anti-Priest class also has the ability to use the powerfull master class item Hell's Kryss.

Hell's Kryss- capable of granting invincibilty to the usser at a cost of an Hp/second.


Capable of casting healing spells and buffs, but also capable of using holy magic to attack and defend.

MC items:

Mjölnir- thunder hammer of the gods


Swordmasters specialise in the use of one handed swords they combine swift/fast moves with powerfull attacks.

Master-class weapons:

Gladiat- The sword of light. It can cut thourgh anything and is unstoppable.

Orihalcum Sword- well-balanced, physical sword. Unbreakable to all physical attacks.


Master-class weapons

Invisibility Bandana- grants invisibility to the wearer

Glaive of Ynyr - Remote controlled, poison boomerang, the poison is based off of the blood of a Hydra.


Skilled in the art of fighting, their main focus is strength.

Master-class item:

Elemental Knuckles- Able to charge up elements and release them into targets.


Powerful female spell-casters.

Master-class items:

Broomstick - used for flight. User can cast magic while flying.

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