A monster that was teased for release in the upcoming update located at the Photon Dungeon. They are a mid-boss level monster, about 10 times the strength of a normal Werewolf monster. However, because they are still in the testing phase, their EXP is too for what they're worth and the damage was too high, causing even team Triple Threat to use a lot of healing items with plans to raise the skill level.

Unfortunately, due to the server's instability, it was infinitely spawning. This was a death sentence for the average player that tried to enter the dungeon.

They were eventually overcome and the bug was fixed by the berserk onslaught of team Triple Threat that coincidentally had the corpses land on the spawn point, preventing the infinite spawn bug from continuing. The fact they were able to take out wave after wave of Black Werewolves is a testament to how powerful Triple Threat is.

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