Basara (바사라)
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Debut Chapter 2 (Mentioned)
Occupation Unknown
In-Game Job Warrior
Family Unknown
Weapon Ego Sword

Also known as Basara the Gladiator. He is considered the strongest player in all of Lost Saga.

PERSONALITY[edit | edit source]

Because he is aware of his status as the strongest player, he pretty much does whatever he wants. He is never seen in the company of others and refuses to party with other players. Basara is a very proud man and typically stoic and uninterested in the people around him.

The only person to ever really agitate his temper is Lotto.

SYNOPSIS[edit | edit source]

OPENING ARC[edit | edit source]

Black Werewolf Bug[edit | edit source]

While not yet making an appearance, Stanker states Basara is already known as the being the best player in the game and one of the 10 Master class players in the game.

MEETING YUREKA ARC[edit | edit source]

Meeting Basara[edit | edit source]

As Adol, Boromir, and Yureka, he had just beheaded the Titan Ogre. They all wonder who he is as the player glances back at them, but soundly ignores them. He silently picks up the monster's weapon, the Titan Ogre Scimitar, while shouldering the Ego Sword. He swings it around, testing the scimitar. With a yell, he slams the scimitar against the Ego Sword. After a few moments, he tosses aside the scimitar, saying the other sword was really better. Openly ignoring them, he goes to leave the room. Boromir snaps and chastises him that if you pass a player, you at least pretend to see them. He demands to know who he is that makes him so special. Basara answers, as he leaves, that he is the warrior Basara. He is curious to the scream from the three fighting the regenerated Titan Ogre as he leaves Terror Tower.


In the demon invasion arc he resolves to defeat the Kast the demon king by cutting him repeatedly, ultimately decapitating him and tossing his head into the sea. He was defeated by Ban as Slayan, and end up wandering aimlessly until he encounters Jijon Jang. He wields the Ego Sword, which is possessed by the spirit Faelina who Basara cares for deeply but the sword loses it's power when the ego is hurt (losing battles). He later regains his swords power by defeating Ban , but he had no keys so he took on Leviathan on his own, and wins singlehandedly.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

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SPECIAL EQUIPMENT[edit | edit source]

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RELATIONSHIPS[edit | edit source]

FRIENDS/ALLIES[edit | edit source]

Faelina[edit | edit source]

She is the spirit of the Ego Sword. They have a close bond, implying a possible romantic relationship. When he lost his battle against Ban, his ego was destroyed and fell into a deep depression over failing Faelina. In turn, her power was also weakened, but after a time she resurfaced, remotivating Basara to fight. She in turn has unyielding faith in Basara, choosing to stay with him, even in his defeat, clearly indicating she is in love with him.

TRIVIA[edit | edit source]

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GALLERY[edit | edit source]

Basara as described by Stanker.

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