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Originally one of the three Slayans, he is the most powerful, capable of defeating Basara, Aradon, and Lotto, he has the ability to learn skills effortlessly. He is later revealed to be a copy of Ilban's personality, equiped with the software of prediction, he loses in PVP against Lotto the second time he faces him. His original purpose was to test his skills agains a complete Yureka, one that fused Aizoen and Yureka together to form the ultimate warrior. He is finally killed when Jaeha, as Yureka, about to be killed by Basara, switches places with Ban and Ban takes the full power of Basara's swing.


He is apparently the writer's (Son Hee Jun) least favorite character. It should be noted that characters with overwhelming abilities and strong assertiveness are often the least favored by their writer, probably as being a painfull reminder of their own inadequacies.

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